The advantages of accepting multiple forms of payment

The main form of payment associated with online shopping is a credit card. Whether it is a Mastercard, Visa or American Express, credit cards were once the only way to buy online. They are still the most widely used payment method, but the fees they attract have led more people to use other platforms.

Provide customers with more choice

The best eCommerce software offers the functionality to accept more than one form of payment. Having this flexibility will make your site more appealing for customers, allowing them to choose what suits them the most.


PayPal is an electronic money transfer service that was developed as a secure alternative to providing bank or credit card details online. It enables users to protect their personal details, while still having the convenience of a simple online payment system.


This digital currency isn’t as widely used as PayPal, but it provides users with another form of payment when making online transactions. The appeal of accepting Bitcoin is the lower fees it incurs when compared to credit cards and that these fees are for the purchaser, not the retailer.

 BPay or bank transfer

Direct transfers are ideal for appealing to customers who do not have or want a credit card. It is a simple way of conducting a transaction that many people understand well and use on a regular basis. The downside is that the transfer is not instant and can take a few days to clear, depending on the time of the week and the banks involved.

 Make it simple to spend and people will

One of the reasons for Amazon and Apple’s success is their ability to make buying seem easier than not buying. Their payment systems are designed to create a culture of impulse buying and because they have your details already, there is very little opportunity given to back out.

Not every online retailer has the profile or consumer trust of these giants, so it is imperative for the smaller operators to give their customers the easiest, most convenient shopping experience possible. Not accepting a form of payment can be the difference between a consumer making their purchase, or heading elsewhere. Any time a customer has to stop and make a decision about how to deal with a checkout problem, they have an opportunity to change their minds or choose a competitor. Giving them the ability to select a payment method that works for them makes good business sense.