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Protect Your Company Against Attacks

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Cybersecurity is one of the top concerns for many companies today. No one is really immune from cyberattacks. However, your company can certainly limit your exposure to and risk of a malicious hacking attempt by adopting the following best practices:

Have Strong Passwords

All the passwords at your business must be strong in the sense that they should be hard to guess or predict. Don’t use common dictionary phrases in passwords. A strong password has numbers and allowed characters in them. Also, combine uppercase and lowercase letters. Some hackers gain access simply by guessing passwords. Therefore, eliminate this risk with strong passwords.

Get Two-Factor Authentication

It’s much more secure to protect important sensitive information two ways instead of relying solely on a single password. Two-factor authentication combines a password that the user enters into the device and a key or a PIN number the user receives on a secondary device to gain access. Even if two-factor authentication is too bothersome for everyday use, it should be used in the most important files and devices, like internal servers. Get a server password manager to automate two-factor authentication and improve password-related security.

Buy Top-Tier Antivirus Software

Your company must have the latest antivirus and antispyware software installed on all devices. Make sure you buy highly secure, business-grade software, not the ones you can download online.

Be Aware of Vulnerable Business Software

Most businesses depend on custom business software. The developers of these programs must routinely provide important security updates. Some software, especially old ones, may have source code vulnerabilities hackers can easily exploit. Such vulnerabilities should be patched, which is why developers issue software updates. If you purchase third-party software, make sure they are up to date. Refrain from using older software that’s no longer supported.

Secure Wi-Fi Network

Your company’s internal Wi-Fi network should be encrypted and protected with a firewall. Keep it hidden from public view to eliminate hacking attempts. Also, the Wi-Fi network must have a strong password.

Beware of Storage Devices Brought in from the Outside

If your employees have a habit of using their personal flash drives, SD cards, or CDs on your office computers, your network will be at serious risk for an attack. An employee might accidentally plug in an infected USB stick and you will end up with a disaster on your hands. So, ban the use of all personal storage devices at the office. If a device has been outside your company’s property, it should never be plugged into an internal computer.

Back Up Important Data

Cyberattacks can never be prevented completely. So, as a just-in-case plan, back up all important data. Even if there’s an attack or a malicious software infection, it’s easy to wipe off all the infected data and start over using a backup.

Control Physical Access to Computers

Don’t let just about anyone have access to your office’s computers. Restrict access so that only the designated employees can get near a computer. You can do simple things like lock doors and install a physical security system.

Control Digital Access to Files

Along with restricted physical access, it’s important to restrict digital access as well. All employees do not need access to all the data. If one employee’s account is compromised, having unlimited access will make the situation worse. You can control a cyberattack and reduce risk by partitioning servers and establishing levels of access.

Last but not least, don’t forget to extend security practises to mobile devices as well. They are just as, or even more, vulnerable to cyberattacks.

What to Look For In an Online Sticky Note Service

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One thing you may have noticed is that there are a greater number of online sticky note services than before. This is because we have all found sticky notes to be quite useful in our lives. Whether it is for household tasks, studies, or work activities, these little pieces of paper have come in quite handy. Of course, today we require that everything be digitized. As sticky notes hold such an important place, they too have been upgraded. You are now able to utilize multiple different services to your advantage. The question becomes, however, which one is best. To help you discover this, these are the features that the service should have:

An Interactive Backdrop

Sticky notes are largely used for organizational purposes. As such, you need to have a blank and interactive canvas that you can use. This is particularly important if you are trying to organize a project. This way, you will be able to have multiple notes and then systematically arrange them as you continue. The first advantage here is that it has a certain visual appeal and will make arranging these notes a lot more interesting. Second, it also gives you, the user a more realistic feel. This way, it is almost like arranging notes on a board in your room or office.

Plenty of Design Options

One of the greatest allures of sticky notes is their bright colours. This is not accidental. First, the bright colours serve to draw your attention to the task at hand. This way, you are less likely to ignore it or forget about the note. Also, it simply makes the whole endeavour a lot more fun and compelling. One of the most important things, however, is that it is a lot easier to separate tasks or activities by colour. This way, with just one glance, you will immediately be able to tell which note belongs where. This, in turn, will make it easier for you to follow the pattern that you have created for yourself.

Drawing Features

Not everyone uses words to convey their thoughts or ideas. There are many individuals who must draw in order to bring a concept to life. Therefore, it is not enough for the service to only have a writing tool. There must also be drawing features available. Furthermore, there must be a degree of choice available as well. This includes variation in drawing tools, colours, and similar elements. In addition to being useful, it also ensures that this service is a well-rounded one and can be used for multiple purposes. Aside from having a wide selection, this tool must also be easy to use. There should be no need for any special skills or expertise. Anyone should be able to use the features with the greatest of ease.

Invite Others to View Your Board

If you are working on a project, you may require a little help or some advice from someone else. Sometimes, you cannot simply carry your laptop over to the individual to show them the concept that you have come up with. This is why a good sticky note service will give you the opportunity for others to see your work as well. This is usually done by signing into your board. Here, they will be able to comment or make the necessary changes. It makes it a lot easier for people to communicate and collaborate.

This is not a comprehensive list. However, it does contain some of the more important things that you should look out for. This way, you will be able to choose one of the best services around. Remember, there are plenty of good – and free tech services available.

The advantages of accepting multiple forms of payment

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Online shopping

The main form of payment associated with online shopping is a credit card. Whether it is a Mastercard, Visa or American Express, credit cards were once the only way to buy online. They are still the most widely used payment method, but the fees they attract have led more people to use other platforms.

Provide customers with more choice

The best eCommerce software offers the functionality to accept more than one form of payment. Having this flexibility will make your site more appealing for customers, allowing them to choose what suits them the most.


PayPal is an electronic money transfer service that was developed as a secure alternative to providing bank or credit card details online. It enables users to protect their personal details, while still having the convenience of a simple online payment system.


This digital currency isn’t as widely used as PayPal, but it provides users with another form of payment when making online transactions. The appeal of accepting Bitcoin is the lower fees it incurs when compared to credit cards and that these fees are for the purchaser, not the retailer.

 BPay or bank transfer

Direct transfers are ideal for appealing to customers who do not have or want a credit card. It is a simple way of conducting a transaction that many people understand well and use on a regular basis. The downside is that the transfer is not instant and can take a few days to clear, depending on the time of the week and the banks involved.

 Make it simple to spend and people will

One of the reasons for Amazon and Apple’s success is their ability to make buying seem easier than not buying. Their payment systems are designed to create a culture of impulse buying and because they have your details already, there is very little opportunity given to back out.

Not every online retailer has the profile or consumer trust of these giants, so it is imperative for the smaller operators to give their customers the easiest, most convenient shopping experience possible. Not accepting a form of payment can be the difference between a consumer making their purchase, or heading elsewhere. Any time a customer has to stop and make a decision about how to deal with a checkout problem, they have an opportunity to change their minds or choose a competitor. Giving them the ability to select a payment method that works for them makes good business sense.


More People are Using Technology to Make Shopping Easier

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More and more people are using technology as a way to make the task of shopping easier. Though this isn’t a surprise to those who shop online, the retail experience is also changing thanks to technology. According to a study done by Deloitte, 75 percent of all shoppers currently research products online before they buy them in stores. This research gives them information on everything from the price of the same item at other retailers to consumer reviews. Having access to this information through technology simplifies the shopping experience.

Technology Helps Make Money Easier to Spend

Technology makes spending money easier. According to the website, e-commerce in the US is growing by about 10 percent each year and is expected to continue this rate of growth into the future. Consumers are currently spending more than $279 billion dollars online, and part of the reason these numbers continue to grow is because online shopping is so easy. Suppose you remember that you need a new handbag for an upcoming wedding. You could drive to the mall, wrestle with finding a parking spot and spend a few hours going from store to store. However, it’s much faster if you take a couple minutes and shop for your new bag online.

Technology Helps to Monitor Expenses

Another way that technology is changing the way people shop is by helping consumers monitor expenses. Gone are the days where you had to drive to your bank to check your balance or meticulously monitor your checking account. Today, consumers are able to check their bank balance in a matter of seconds, simply by using an app on their mobile phone. There is no guessing and no waiting since this can occur 24/7. Consumers will know exactly how much they can spend and when they can spend it. Most major credit card companies are also offering these services.

Technology Gives Consumers More Options Than Ever Before

  • How does this microwave compare to that one?
  • Will these heels hold up for a few seasons?
  • Can I get this cheaper somewhere else?

All of these questions have been asked by consumers, and years ago, they might have been difficult to answer. These days, however, almost any question you might have about a product can be answered in seconds by using technology. Consumers have access to product reviews, access to other retailers to check out their prices and can even find discount codes, coupons and other methods to save.

The habits of both consumers and retailers are changing quickly thanks to technology. In fact, in some cases, consumers know just as much about a product as retailers thanks to the fact that they have technology on their side. They can scan, research, monitor expenses and even shop right from their handheld smart phone or tablet. Retailers are doing all they can to keep up with this changing landscape, and according to a white paper by Samsung, 94 percent of people believe that companies that don’t keep up will find themselves at a disadvantage over the next several years.

Security Measures to be Taken While Enjoying Technology

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Technology empowers you to develop your skills, enabling you create various tools to make your life convenient. This is often used to solve a problem with its right application and optimize the utilization of resources. The main goal of any technology is to minimize input and maximize output in terms of productivity and convenience.

Need for Technology

With the advancement of Technology, computers, tablets, mobile phones etc have become indispensable part of the daily life. The efficiency required for computation, documentation or basic communication has increased to a great extent with the boon of technology. Emailing, messaging, chatting, video calling etc are becoming popular day by day. People, who used to be computer illiterate, working in various sectors, took the pain to learn computers, technology, internet etc have become tech savvy in order to keep parity with the fast growing world of technological innovation. Technology has penetrated each and every sector, be it education, banking and finance, or healthcare, it is the heart for all.

Advancement in Technology with Time

The new era of technological innovation has become successful in combining a range of devices into one. Like in older days Computer was used for computation, official or academic documentation and electronic communication and mobile phones or the landline phones were used for verbal communication from remote distances. Due to the convergence of computers and mobile phones with the help of GPRS enabled internet, the world has become very small for everyone and accessibility of information has become very easy. Fetching information about anything under the Sun and from any location has become super easy with the help of mobile phones having internet connection in it.

Safety Measures to Safeguard Misuse of Technology

For every technological innovation, it is your duty to make use of the internet enabled mobile phones ethically and safely. You should take some basic safety measures while enjoying the benefits. There can be some possible vulnerability for a mobile phone device due to security weakness like:

  • Chances of theft or losing of mobile handsets
  • Pilferage of Data via mobile devices by unauthorized interference
  • Chance of the device getting affected by virus
  • Data loss due to device damage

While developing any mobile phone device, it is the responsibility of the mobile application development company to take the above mentioned points into consideration so that the chances of any kind of loss could be prevented. The device should have applications like mobile tracker by the help of which a lost mobile phone can be recovered easily. In order to prevent unauthorized interference and data pilferage, the provision for password protection is a must for any mobile phone as data stored in the device can be sensitive (like confidential information about business or any personal detail).

In case there is a loss of data, there should be some application installed in the device to keep backup for all data which will ensure no data loss due to occurrence of any unwanted incidence. The Net security, Firewall application or antivirus is a must for any mobile device in order to prevent virus attack while using the internet.

Apart from these technical applications to be used, it is your responsibility to try to keep your device in your custody to minimize any sort of risk.


The Rising Popularity of Tablet PC

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Rapid advancements in technology have opened up the opportunities of E- learning for numerous students around the world. The success of web based learning depends largely on the availability of the resources and necessary infrastructure. The emerging technology trends involve the use of advanced tools and applications in order to facilitate the complete process of e- learning.

There are various factors that determine the success of e-learning. In fact, besides the application of technology it is extremely crucial to develop a proper agenda in order to witness an effective outcome. Let us have a quick look at the top technology trends that are effectively promoting the e-learning concept worldwide.

Social Media Learning

Social media has a widespread impact on e-learning. It is helping the students and the teachers to form online interactive forums. The primary focus of e-learning is to open up the opportunities for comprehensive learning. In such circumstances, social media learning tools are helping the students and teachers to interact effectively. The social media learning tools include advanced web based applications like Pinterest, Edmodo and many more. The students have the opportunity to discuss and debate online regarding a particular topic. Apart from this, the teachers can create a resource base for the students by sharing various informative links and personal views. Apart from this, there are various web-based social learning applications like Skype, which have provided the opportunities of creating virtual classrooms through which the students can actively participate in

Customized Multimedia Content

Another emerging technology trend that is effectively facilitating online education is multimedia based educational content. Technology has become increasingly feasible and it has now made its way through various advanced devices like I Pad, Smart Phones, Computers, etc. This is the primary reason for which multimedia based content is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, in order to extend the boundaries and provide opportunities to increasing number of students it is extremely essential to create authentic user based content.

Application of Multimedia Devices

A successful e-learning campaign depends on the application of advanced multimedia devices and tools. And this is considered to be a growing trend because increasing number of students are getting the scope to use advanced devices that facilitate online learning. In such circumstances, major search engines are now just one click away. Now it is extremely crucial to provide the students adequate knowledge regarding what to search and where to search. It is an interesting fact that education is now going mobile because there are numerous informative apps which are helping students to be a part of an active education system.

Integrated Learning Systems

Advanced student management systems are now being incorporated in various schools in order to facilitate web-based learning programs. These advanced software based programs have changed the complete concept of classroom education. The best thing about these student management systems is that the parents can actively participate in the process. These advanced applications have made education effective to a great extent.

The impact of technology on e-learning is vast and it can be rightly said that in the coming year’s technology and education will walk hand in hand.

Summary- The success of e-learning depends mostly on technology. There are various emerging technology trends that are changing the face of web based education.

How High-Tech Can Support and Protect Your Pets

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Technology is great for organizing our personal lives. We can track our schedule, stay entertained, and connect with the world in ways never before imagined.

But technology has also come a long way in terms of how it can help our pets as well. There are a plethora of options to consider for our loveable buddies, no matter what type of animal they are.

Here’s a look at some of the options you might consider for assisting you with your household companions.

Animal tracking

Losing a pet can be an incredibly depressing experience. Wondering where he or she has gone and hoping that the critter is okay can be nearly as hard as losing a human member of the family. However, with wearable tracking devices, you can make sure your pet never gets lost.

This means that whether you’re leaving for work and a pet gets out the back fence, or you’re on vacation and your furry friend slips out of its leash and harness, you can quickly and easily find the animal and keep him or her safe.

In most cases you can track your pet with your smartphone, which many of us have on our person at all times.

Home security

Many people opt for a home security system to keep their family safe. This is a great idea. But a home security system can also help you keep your pets safe by enabling you to monitor them throughout the day.

Whether you have a bird that you let out of its cage sometimes, or a dog you want to stay out of the trash, putting up a few cameras in your home can ease your mind because you know your pets are safe and secure.

Temperature control

Technology can even assist with the very smallest of pets. If you have a animal that requires a temperature-controlled climate, such as a reptile or small caged animal, then you can set up timers to make sure their home is always comfortable and relaxing.

Timers allow you to start up heat rocks and lamps, or even turn on a fan or AC if the weather gets too warm. Snakes, lizards, bunnies, mice, and many other animals can all benefit from technology and if you know how to adapt it to your pets’ needs.

Better health

Medicine and science are creating much more healthy environments for animals. Most of the technology on this list aims to assure that your pet stays safe and out of harm.

However, in the event that anything serious happens to your pet, you can feel confident that there is technology in place to help animals recover better from injuries or illness. Whether your beloved critter needs a new medication to recover from an illness or surgical repair, technology can increase the odds that your pet will thrive and remain a part of your family.

If you have a pet that you consider a part of your family, it’s important that you keep him or her safe and healthy. And with this technology supporting the two of you, you can do just that.

Interested About Cloud Storage? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

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As technology evolves, consumers are becoming more and more dependent on cloud storage. In this way, it means that whenever you require access to your files or folders on the move anywhere then cloud computing could prove to be the ideal solution. In addition, backing up your files and folders online is considered to be de rigeur when it comes to saving all those essential personal files. So how does the cloud actually work?


If you save your files to the web then these are much safer and you will not risk losing your data accordingly. Furthermore, we all had to back up files to CDs as well as DVD drives which are more likely to cause viruses. However, thanks to cloud storage, you will have the opportunity to;

• Save all your date to the web in the safest way possible.

• Access your files quickly whilst providing a much safer backup than traditional methods.

• Access your files quickly whilst providing a much safer backup than traditional methods.


When you decide to back up your data, it may not be as cheap as you thought. Remember, you should also factor in things such as paying for equipment to save date from hard drives to back up material. You need to consider the time involved in order to save things manually. Therefore cloud storage enables you to;

• Save plenty of time when backing up data.

• Reduce the cost linked with traditional storage techniques.

• Take advantage of extra space at no extra cost.


Another benefit is the fact that you can benefit from invisibility. This means there is absolutely no physicality involved with storage and does not take up any space which be valuable your home office or elsewhere.

Ease of use

Cloud storage is currently accessible to a number of different individuals as well as business around the world. But one of the biggest challenges that companies and people face is the follow through after backing up. Yet, you can rely on cloud computing to back folders up which will;

• Save plenty of time and allow the process of back up simple to accomplish.

• Offer easy automation facility where you can select files to back up and the service takes care of the rest.


The art of syncing your files and folders means that everything can be updated in an instant without you having to worry. Sites such as may be able to assist when it comes to integrating regular files into electronic data management. On the other hand syncing is easily done across a wide variety of devices with up to minute files updated and saved on devices including;

• Smartphones.

• Tablets.

• Laptops.


We are constantly on the move and rely on our devices to look at the latest app, make notes or obtain folders. Accessibility plays a very important role across all our gadgets and gizmos including the likes of tablets and netbook. Hence as we utilise our devices even more, cloud storage has the ability to;

• Make toggling flies between products a lot easier.

• Gain access to accounts wherever you are with a reliable internet network.

• Be flexible and view the same files and folders across fixed and mobile browsers.

Protection and recovery

These are two crucial areas that cloud storage prevails. This added protection can give you extra protection for your valuable files. Meanwhile, back up folders and data are stored in a virtual remote location which is extremely secure with no physical aid such as a DVD or CD ROM. Therefore, the benefits feature;

• Added protection in case there is an untimely data loss.

• Quick recovery time of your original folders where you can restore them.


Another advantage to cloud storage is all the updates are done via the web and you can have the ability to enjoy automatic updates or schedules ones which can just run automatically. This means you can continue to work whilst your files and data are being either updated or saved in the background.

Storing data online can be seen everywhere from social media networks to email services. With cloud storage being used by a host of individuals and companies there are a wealth of gains to saving your personal and professional folders.

How Mobile Tech Makes it Easier to Stay Fit and Healthy

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Look around these days and all you see are people peering at their mobile devices. It’s become standard for people to use their smartphones and similar devices to stay in touch with friends and family, and even do work while they’re on the run.

While it’s easy to see how beneficial a smartphone can be when employed for such purposes, more recently people have turned to their mobile device to help them stay on track in terms of health and wellness. In many different ways, smartphones are their owners in this fashion.

How smartphones help to keep a person fit

Smartphones can be used as the home for a variety of different apps and widgets. Most fitness and nutrition apps are free for downloading and can provide you with a way to track your workouts throughout the day, week, and even month.

It can be difficult when you’re aiming to make yourself healthier to figure out whether you’re getting enough exercise throughout the day. But new mobile apps are assisting users in logging their exercises as well as share their activity with friends on social media sites.

The great thing about apps that do this for the user is that they boost your sense of motivation. You can take account of all your exercises. You can record your weight and track how much you’re losing or if you’ve gained weight.

You might be able to understand the reason for your weight changes by studying your weekly activity levels as recorded in your smartphone. In this way, mobile apps can help you keep closer tabs on your fitness and health, and that can increase your motivation and encourage you to stay fit.

Using mobile apps to stick to your diet

As anyone knows, dieting can be incredibly difficult. Having to make massive changes to your diet can be hard to stick with over time.

Mobile apps are helping people change the way they diet because more precisely detailed tracking of calorie intake can boost their motivation. You can calculate your daily allotted calorie intake by inputting your weight, height, and gender.

From there, many apps will show you how many calories you should be consuming in order to lose weight. They will also provide a way for you to log your food intake each day and make sure you’re staying on the track you’ve set for yourself.

These kinds of dieting and fitness mobile apps are enabling users to be much more precise and accurate about monitoring their nutritional intake and health. Some days, you might not feel like working out, but knowing that your social media site won’t reflect that day’s exercise for others to see might give you that extra push you need to take that trip to the gym.

There are an amazing selection of fitness and dieting apps available on the app stores for most mobile devices. The great thing is that the majority of these apps are also free, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the one that’s right for you at the best price of all.

4 Ways You Can Master Mobile Networking

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We can no longer rely on paper media, traditional advertising, and word of mouth to network. Each of us has to maintain his or her own personal branding in the digital era, if we are to succeed in our personal and professional endeavors.

A survey conducted by human resources experts at SilkRoad shows that about 75% of employees examine social media websites during work. Our lives online and in person have become intertwined. Here are four ways you can stay ahead of the curve with social media.


LinkedIn is the company recruiter’s best friend. This mobile networking platform is completely tailored for job seekers, employers looking for new talent, and employees that want to become more competitive in their fields.

If you use it right, LinkedIn can provide you with a wealth of information about current industry news and internal politics. Pay attention to news feeds, and join a few groups that are relevant to your current field. If you’re searching for a job, be sure to sign up for LinkedIn career notifications, so you can stay on top of new opportunity posts.

Email signatures

Another way to highlight your social media presence is to include links within your signature. Always use anchor text; don’t just post a naked URL in your signature.

Try to keep the links short and to the point, but encourage people to follow your activity. If you start including social media links in your signature, make sure only to link accounts that you don’t mind blending with business. Avoid linking to personal Facebook accounts.

Personal portfolio

If you have public-facing content and projects to showcase, then think about creating a personal online portfolio of your work. Link it to a custom domain so it’s easy for people to find. Make sure to optimize your portfolio for mobile audiences, so visitors don’t have to struggle with clunky page layouts.

Business card

Once you’ve set up a winning LinkedIn profile and online portfolio, it’s time to let people know about them. You can get the word out by putting links to your professional online presence on compelling business cards.

This will help direct prospective employers and business colleagues to your impressive digital presence, which will demonstrate that you take online networking very seriously.

Mobile networking goes hand in hand with in-person interactions today. You can prepare yourself by sprucing up your social media accounts, building a mobile friendly portfolio, and including links on your business cards.

The next time you run into a new friend, coworker, or employer, you’ll be ready to exchange contact information!