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5 Advanced Types of Boards for School and University Use

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School boards have evolved from the usual black or white models to more sophisticated varieties, enriched with a host of new features that enhance their functionality. Below we will explore some of the most advanced options and designs, suitable to school and university use.


  1. Mobile boards

The mobile board is extremely convenient as it can be easily moved around and placed wherever it is needed. You can also find pinboards built like this. Such models benefit of thin frames with 360-degree spinning wheels, placed in pairs, to ensure its stability. The best choice is a double sided mobile board. One you filled up one side, simply switch to the other one by rotating it.


  1. Magnetic boards

A contemporary accessory for classrooms, the magnetic glass boards are not only functional, but also decorative and classy. The slim formats can be fit anywhere. You can opt for portrait or landscape boards or have a combination between this and another board type. Magnetic boards are also colorful and come in various geometric shapes. Use them for brief messages or pinned notes or photos. You can use several such boards to create a contemporary design. Simply attach them to the wall – there is no need of a frame. In spite of this, it is as safe as it gets.


  1. Electronic (interactive) whiteboards

Similar to a regular whiteboard, its electronic version is in fact a piece of hardware that connects to a computer or more. The information that’s written on it can thus be processed and stored by the computer. It is possible to interact with objects on its screen. An electronic whiteboard requires special software to allow its proper functioning. The teacher can write or draw on the screen and the data will be transmitted to the connected computers. Many such models come with an integrated printer, so the user can create documents and numerous copies to pass to the audience.


  1. Kromennie boards

This is a pinboard that is in many ways similar to the traditional whiteboard. However, there is one significant difference: the material. This is a combination of cork, rosin and linseed oil which is 100% natural and heavy duty. In addition, it’s a renewable surface that can actually ‘heal’ itself and can be easily washed. It’s antistatic and hygienic, too. The board can be cut to any size and shape and will last for many years to come. Sustainable and low maintenance, this is part of the future of education.


  1. Self-adhesive wall tile boards

The title is self-explanatory – these highly versatile boards are small to medium tiles that come in packs and can be glued to a wall as desired. It’s the easiest way to cover a custom surface. Just peel the protective layer, then stick the tile onto the wall. Choose recyclable materials that do not rot or break down too easily. You can use as many as you need to build a board of the desired shape and size.

If you are looking for the latest types of  boards for school and university, know that you can order any model online. In addition, there are loads of combination boards, to enjoy all the needed tech features in case you cannot decide in favor of one.