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Great Apps for Apartment Seekers

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Finding a perfect apartment these days can be difficult and frustrating. Some people regard apartment hunting to be a thrilling experience, while a few others consider the process to be dreadful and time consuming. Before looking for the perfect apartment, you will want to ensure you are receiving the best possible deal as per your budget requirements.

Technological advancements taking place at a breathtaking pace have made the search for your dream apartment a lot easier. In this tech savvy world, we can simply Google to receive instant information on any subject. Social media has fully transformed the way we communicate today. In such a scenario, you must never have thought of an appropriate procedure that simplifies your task of apartment finding.

In the past you had to search for advertisements in newspapers to select the perfect apartment. With technological advancements, you now have apartment hunting apps that simplify monotonous task of finding an ideal location and comparing prices of homes. Here are some of the most amazing apps that will help you find best apartments in your preferred locations. Download these apps before you begin your search for a dream apartment.

1. Find an Apartment While on the go with MyNewPlace

If you are among that person who is finding it tough to take out time from your busy schedules to locate an apartment, then this app is just perfect for you. This app gives you a complete list of apartments that you can purchase on rent every time you pass by them.

This GPS enabled app simplifies your task of decision making on an apartment because it permits you to estimate the distance of any apartment from stores, medical shops, etc. Direction for the new apartment can be got from anywhere by using this app. Taking pictures of the apartment and jotting down important information about it, is another good feature of MyNewPlace app.

2.  Simplify Apartment Hunting with Craigslist App

The Craigslist App is among the most frequently used apps by apartment seekers. The primary reason for its wide usage is because of its valuable user interface. Although Craigslist does not have multiple features, it simplifies your task of apartment hunting due to its simplicity and easy searchable options.

Searching for an apartment by using Craigslist is similar to locating a place in Google map. Places where you find a pinup indicate that an apartment is available for rent. You can further refine your search by locating an apartment according to price, location and number of bedrooms.

3. Knight Frank Property Search – Perfect App for those Desirous of Luxurious Living

Are you desirous of living a luxurious life or planning to purchase a luxury apartment? If so, then the Knight Frank Property Search is just the perfect app for you. This GPS enabled device makes your search for an apartment easier, by helping you find your dream home in your vicinity. You can also locate an apartment of your choice in any geographical location on earth.

Another great feature of this app is that it offers you with innumerable choices on flooring and interior designing plans. This proves very helpful when you think of redesigning the house. You must utilize Knight Frank Property Search app not only because of its excellent user interface, but because it simplifies the laborious task of apartment hunting to a great extent.

4.  Go Apartment Hunting with Pad Mapped

If you are looking for an ideal place where you can live with your family harmoniously then end your search for such a place by using Pad Mapped. Its GPS navigation lets you locate a different location if you consider traveling. Since this app is categorized by distance, you will get updates on the closest locations first.

The precise detail about a particular location is offered to apartment finders by this app. A detailed description about property is also offered and you can contact for property if interested by dialing the number given along with description of property.

5.  Supercharge Your House Hunt with Hotpads

Among all the apps, Hotpads has certain technical features, making it a unique app from the rest. A good feature of this app is that it offers users with a heat map, which is basically graphical representation of data. This makes it easier for apartment hunters to know information related to population, average income and rents of a particular country. You can take the right decision based on this information prior to choosing the right apartment.

Apart from offering basic information such as price and location of apartments, Hotpads offers you the right information about neighborhood.